Zabbix agent installation and monitoring on windows


Zabbix is an open source monitoring tool to monitor and track the performance of the remote systems. This can be performed in various ways such as zabbix agent, SNMP, JMX etc. In this article,We will be learn about the installation of zabbix agent on windows. The zabbix agent collects the information about the resource utilization and the services running.

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Download the latest version of zabbix agent from their official site.


Once the download completes, extract it copy to the C drive and rename as Zabbix. We have two folders bin and conf. Now rename to zabbix_agentd.conf file and modify the server, server active and hostname values in that file.

Now open the command prompt as an administrator (Run as administrator), then execute the command as follows

C:\>c:\zabbix\bin\win32\zabbix_agentd.exe -c c:\zabbix\conf\zabbix_agentd.conf -i

Now open control panel->services

Locate the service zabbixagent then start the service.

Now open the Zabbix server web interface add the windows host.

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To add host on zabbix server click on configuration->hosts. Click on create host option on right side.

Here we have some fields like me hostname, visible name, Group, Agent interfaces, SNMP interfaces etc.

Hostname: enter a host name for the host, which we want to monitor(Here windows system name)

Visible Name: which is shown in the hosts list.

Group: select a group for the host. Here we can create a new group or we can also select from some default groups like Linux servers, Zabbix servers etc. The host must be the member of at least one group.

Agent interfaces: To add Zabbix agents input the IP address or DNS Name(FQDN). Here enter the IP Address of windows system.

Now choose templates from the list.

Now click on add to complete host adding.

To monitor the target system click on monitoring and select the Latest data

By using we can get the details of CPU, File systems, Memory, Os, Performance, Processes etc. We can get the details of memory usage and CPU load in graphs

Enjoy Zabbix agent on windows