Top 10 Things to Do after install fedora 25


Fedora Project, proudly announced the  Fedora 25 Final Release Public Availability (GA) version on November 22, 2016, Now it is available to Download and Install it on your machines. we can Download fedora 25 from their official site.

In this article, we will be known about the Things to do after installation of fedora 25.

Update System

First of all Update the system because even we install the latest version of Linux Operating system some packages should remain as outdated. So First update all the outdated packages by using the following command.

#dnf update

Install and enable RPM fusion Repositories

Fedora has much pre-installed software’s, but  due to the licensing issues, some are not included . If we want to install any software that is not included in Fedora, Install and enable Repositories. RPM fusion is one of the repositories, That offers many packages depend upon the free or non-free RPM fusion.

We can install RPM fusion Repository by using the following commands

Free RPM Fusion

#dnf install --nogpgcheck

Non-Free RPM Fusion

#dnf install --nogpgcheck

GNOME Tweak Tool

Gnome Tweak Tool allows to modify different Advanced features of Gnome Theme like Buttons, icons, Menu and title Bar etc.
we can install GNOME Tweak Tool by using the following command

# dnf -y install gnome-tweak-tool

Sample Output:


Installation of Different Desktops

The default Desktop environment for fedora 25 is Gnome like previous versions, so if we want any another desktop like KDE, CINNAMON, XFCE, MATE etc install it by using the following commands

#dnf install @kde-desktop
#dnf install @mate-desktop
#dnf install @xfce-desktop
#dnf install @cinnamon-desktop

Sample Output:


VLC Player

Nowadays every person uses Desktop system or laptop to listen audio or watching the movies. VLC player is the best player to play any audio or video format with no doubt. Fedora 25 also ships with pre-installed mp3 codecs.
We can install VLC player by using the following command

#dnf –y install vlc

Java Plugins

Java plugin allows to applets written in java programming language to run on various browsers.
IcedTea-web is java plugin by Redhat. the IcedTea-web plugin requires java.
We can install it by using the following command.

#dnf install java-openjdk icedtea-web 

Install Wine

Wine package can be used to run windows applications on Linux machine. we can install wine package by using the following command

#dnf –y install wine

Youtube-dl installation

Youtube-dl is a command line tool to download videso from youtube. we can install youtube-dl by using the following command

# dnf –y install youtube-dl

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