1.What Squid service do?
A.Squid provides the Proxy service, which caches and filters web traffic.
2.Which popular office suite freely available for both Microsoft and Linux ?
A.Open office suite is freely available. You can install it on both OS Microsoft and Linux.
3.You company recently switched from Microsoft to Linux. All their documents are created on   
    Microsoft office 2007. How will you manage documents created on Microsoft office 2007 ?
 A.Install open office suite in Linux. It allows you work with Microsoft documents.
4.Name any of three spreadsheet programs, those are equivalent to Microsoft Excel and available
   for Linux?
  • Openoffice calc [Free]
  • KOffice Kspread [Free]
  • StarOffice Base [commercial ]
  • Corel Quattro [commercial]
5.What is the SMTP ?
A.SMTP is the most common protocol for an e-mail server.
6.What is NNTP ?
A.NNTP is the common protocol which is used for news services. LeafNode and INN are examples of
    news servers.

7.What Samba service do ?

A.The Samba service provides Microsoft SMB support in Linux so that Linux machines can connect to 
     Microsoft network resources.

8.Which service provides searching capabilities on an intranet or domain?
A.  Dig is the common name of the service that provides searches on an intranet or domain.

9.Which service can be used with NFS to provide remote file access for UNIX systems?
A.NIS is used with NFS to provide remote file access for UNIX systems.

10. What is MTA?
A. MTA is a service of Sendmail server, which transfer mail from one network or host to another network or
11.Name a connection-less protocol for file transfer.
A.TFTP is a connection-less protocol for file transfer.
12.You company wants to run Web Server on their intranet. Which Linux package should you use 
    for this ?
A. To run a Web server, you should install the Apache Web server.
13. You company have slow internet connection. Which Linux service you can use to manage 
     internet connection ?
A.  You should use Squid proxy server, which allows to manage the web contents and also cache the web 
     pages to decrease the amount of traffic going to Internet.
14.You have tasked with implementing new Linux systems in your lab, those will be used in 
       training of Linux. What type of Linux distribution should you choose?
A.  For LAB environment you can use free Linux version of Linux distribution. In test system at company or in a Lab environment where usually no real risk in making mistakes you should use free version of Linux. While distribution itself maybe free or nearly free, you will be required to pay for technical support. In Lab environment where time permits you, instead of seeking helping hands, try to solve the issue at your own, that could a great learning experience.
15.You have tasked with implementing a new Linux server in your network that will store 
      confidential information of company. Your lab technician have fedora. Should you use it for 
       your new server?
A.You could use it, but you should not use it for server. It is not recommended to use an obscure, 
    unsupported distribution for critical server. A well-know, well-supported distribution like RHEL would be
     a better choice. If a technical problem occurs at some point after the server has been installed, you need
     to be able to call someone and get an answer immediately rather than searching on internet to find a 
     solution. You should be able to solve the issue and get the server back into production as fast as possible.
16. You are installing a Linux system that will run a software that creates very large log files. 
      Which directory should you create separate partition for ?
A. Create a separate partition at /var directory.
17.You are installing a Linux system that will provide file storage for a number of network users.
        Which directory should you create separate partition for?
A. Create a separate /home directory.
18.Which port should you open in your host firewall to run web server?
A.  By default web server use port 80 and 443 which you need to open in firewall.
19.Which IP addressing should you use for Server?
A.   For server you should always use static IP address.
20.Which IP address should you use for client desktop?
A.For client you can use both static and dynamic method. For easy management using DHCP to assign IP 
      address would be the best option.
21.You are installing RHEL in new system that will be used by software developer to develop 
      advance program. Which option should you choose during the installation, while installation
       program ask you to choose the set of software?
A.  Choose Software Development Workstation and use customize now option to select additional 
22.You are installing RHEL in new system that will used by an administrative assistant to type
      documents, create presentations, and manage e-mail. Which option should you choose during 
      the installation, while installation program ask you to choose the set of software?
A. Choose Desktop and use customize now option to select additional packages.
23. Which partition is used for virtual memory by a Linux system?
A. swap
24.Which ports should you open in host firewall for an email server?
  • Open port 110 which is used by the POP3 e-mail protocol.
  • Open port 25 which is used by the SMTP e-mail protocol.
  • Open port 143 which is used by the IMAP e-mail protocol.
25. Your Linux system have two SCSI hard disk drives. The first drive is assigned as SCSI ID 0, 
       and the second drive is assigned SCSI ID 1. How these will be refers in system?
A.    /dev/sda point to the first SCSI drive.
        /dev/sdb points to the second SCSI drive
        Your Linux system have a single IDE hard disk drive. How partitions will be refers on the IDE drive?
  • hd refers for IDE hard disk
  • a refers for first hard disk. If system have multiple hard disk use b for second, c for third and so on till last hard disk.
  • 1 refers for first partition, 2 for second partition and so on till last partition.
For example
  • /dev/hda1 points to the first partition on the first IDE
  • /dev/hdd4 points to the fourth partition on the fourth IDE
  • /dev/hdc2 points to the second partition on the third IDE
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