How to Record Your Terminal Session on Linux by using tty studio



Recording a terminal session may be important in helping someone learn a process, sharing information in an understandable way, and also presenting a series of commands in a proper manner. Whatever the purpose, there are many times when copy-pasting text from the terminal won’t be very helpful while capturing a video of the process is quite far-fetched and may not be always possible. In this quick guide, we will take a look at the easiest way to record and share a terminal session in .gif format by using tty studio.

There are several utilities to record your terminal as a gif (like ttyrec). However, most of them have a number of dependencies and the procedure is rather cumbersome. ttystudio is a new tool developed with zero dependencies and support for gif and png output files. ttystudio is mostly JS with a few C++ bindings.

ttystudio Installation

We can install ttystudio using npm pakcage manager. In order to use npm, we must install NodeJS.
To install Nodejs run the following command

yum install epel-release 
yum install nodejs npm

Then install the ttystudio using the following command

npm -g install ttystudio

Usgae of ttystudio
The Usage of ttystudio is also very simple

ttystudio techbuddies.gif 

Just enter as many commands as you want. After entering all commands, stop the recording by pressing CTRL+Q.

Then ttystudio will start to compile the Terminal activity in GIF format, and save it the current directory.