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5 Reasons To Switch Your Business To VoIP For Your Phone System

Heard that VoIP can be a better option for the phone system at your business, but not sure why? If so, it helps to know some reasons why it's worth switching over.

Lower Monthly Cost

It's quite possible that VoIP is going to have a lower monthly cost when it comes to your phone bill. Of course, this is not the case for every business, but it may be true for you. If you have many different phone lines running into your business so that everyone has an active line that they can use, VoIP can easily cut down on the total cost that you pay per month. 

Be aware that the opposite may be true in some situations, where you have one phone line going into your office but many extensions where calls can be picked up. That's because VoIP charges based on the amount of phones in your office, with each phone having its own dedicated phone line.

Improved Phone Call Quality

Your VoIP phones are going to give you a much higher call quality than you will get with a traditional phone line. It's able to transmit that data over the Internet, which can use a higher bitrate and better compression to transmit your voice to the person at the other end of the line. This may be very important to you as a business owner because you want your phone calls to sound professional when speaking to customers.

Reliable Service

Your phone calls are transmitted over the Internet with a VoIP service, which means it does not depend on the physical phone line to get a call to your business. As long as you have Internet service, you can receive phone calls. 

Scalable System

Know that a VoIP system can scale to whatever size you want with ease. All you need to do is purchase a new phone and activate it on your VoIP service. When you have a traditional phone system, you may have a limit to how many phone lines you can plug into your hardware based router, which can cause the need to upgrade hardware as your business expands. 


With more people working from home these days, the mobility that a VoIP phone system offers can really work well for your business. If an employee wants a physical phone on their desk, they just need to take their phone home and plug it into the Internet. They can also transfer calls to their cell phone as well so they can take business calls wherever they go. 

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